In memory of Late Rev. Dr. Lianchinkhup Taithul

In Memory of Rev. Dr. Lianchinkhup Taithul March 1, 1949 – January 8, 2017   A nation father, a humble husband, pioneer of education, a born leader, love and respect by everyone, advocate of the living Gospel until death. Rev. Dr. Lianchinkhup Taithul, 67 of Woodstock passed away on Sunday, January 8, 2017. Recently, the […]

MELC in Missionary ding mi sui

Manipur Evangelical Lutheran Church in Thoubal District a Mission field ana kineina kum 25 – Silver Jubilee tukum in ana kilawmta hi. Pasian in Thoubal District Mission field ding a ahingpieh dungjui in Chairel khuo pen Headquarter in ana kinei hi. 1st July, 1991 ni’n Chairel ah nasep ana kipanta hi, Manipur Evangelical Lutheran Church […]

MELC Kumtawp khawmpi thutut tomkim

Tutung Khawmpi Speaker in Rev. S. Christopher Vijayan, General Secretary, National Missionary Society of India (NMSI) in Hagau ann tuitah toh ahing vah ban ah, maban a NMSI leh MELC in sepkhom ding dan tampi ahing nuasie pie hi. Adang gendia kilawm tampi genkhalou aumleh awl in gen jel vai. A 62 Veina MELC Kumtawp […]

MELC School sangsye sep mun 6 awng

Manipur Evangelical LUtheran Church (MELC) hattuom sanginn 6 ah sangsye sepmun awng. Lunglutna neite’n January 16, 2017 tan in MELC Office, Zomi Colony ah application selut thei ding. Sepna mun dingte ahileh Saite, S. Zomun, N. Leitan, Sumchinvum, Kullian leh M. Lunmual khuote ahi. Tam Theisahna toh kisai in Local chin ah Lai hing kihawm […]

Vondei Sauliim ah sepna awng um

ELWA GHQ. Standing Commtt. in pha asahna bangin- Contract Sign abei ta toh kiton in Vondei Sauliim a Ann Huan (Cook) ding atha lah dinga phasah ahia. Lunglutna neite’n Kingetna lai gelthaw in tu apat ELWA Gen. Secy. kung a January 15, 2017 tan a pie thei zing ahi. # Interview ni ding : 18/01/2017 […]

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