MELC in Tripura a Missionary nasem ding mi sui

Manipur Evangelical Lutheran Church a Mission Department in Kanchandpur, Tripura state ah Mission Field tha etkhietna kinei a, Pa Pasian mapuina toh nasep pat dinga lemguot ahita hi. Tuamun a sem ding Missionary khat tam nei banga chietna nei kisui hi. CHITNA/QUALIFICATIONS – 1. Class X and above 2. Theological Cert. B.Th + above

One Day Sunday School Teacher’s Training conducted

Lamka, Feb. 10: Lutheran Youth Fellowship, Lamka Division successfully conducted One Day Sunday School Teachers’ Training at MELC Hq.Church, Zomi-Colony, Churachandpur on 10th February, 2018 from 10:30AM till late afternoon. The following Resource Persons trained the participants from its local units. 1.Beginner : Nh.Nuamboi (Women Promotor) 2.Primary : Pastor M.Thangboi

Bishop lui-le-thate mawpuona kipekhia uh

Lamka, Jan 15: Tuni’n Kum 2018-2020 sung MELC Vaipaw ding a teltha a um teng leh a lui teng (a um thei teng) in Bishop Chamber ah Incharge kipiehna nei uhi. Bishop outgoing Rev. Dr. V. Hangminthang in incoming Rev. Dr. Hausuankap @ SK Manlun kungah mawpuohna piakhietna nei a, tualeh Director of Ministries, Director […]

Bishop Consecration Service

Zomi Colony, Jan 14: Manipur Evangelical Lutheran Church vaihawmna lubawh Bishop dingin Rev. Dr. Hausuankap Manlun @ Sk Manlun in tuni’n out-going Bishop Rt. Rev. Dr. Hangminthang apat namdetna lata. Jing chiah in-charge kipiahna nei ding uh. Rt. Rev. Dr. Hangminthang, Bishop MELC leh President ELCITHS in lawching tah a a term hun sung vai apuozaw […]

Advent Christmas with Vondei Sauliim

6 December 2017, Lutheran youth fellowship Lamka division sai na in Advent Christmas cum coffee night with vondei sauliim jani vaiguan ki nei a vondei sauliim te panpi na ding in Rs 13310 ki dong doh a vondei sauliim managing board te kom a pia khiat na ki nei ngal hi. Zou sung a laa siam […]

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