The First Missionary Commissioning Service beyond Manipur State.

Manipur Evangelical Lutheran Church commissioned Mr. Manglianlam S/o Late Kapkhanhau and Mrs. Chiinniang of P. Kamdou Veng, Churachandpur to be the first Missionary supported by MLEC beyond Manipue state on 27th May, 2018 for Kanchandpur, Tripura state. With the recommendation of MELC Mission Department, Mr. Manglianlam was sent off with a blessing from the Rt. […]

MELC in Tripura a Missionary nasem ding mi sui

Manipur Evangelical Lutheran Church a Mission Department in Kanchandpur, Tripura state ah Mission Field tha etkhietna kinei a, Pa Pasian mapuina toh nasep pat dinga lemguot ahita hi. Tuamun a sem ding Missionary khat tam nei banga chietna nei kisui hi. CHITNA/QUALIFICATIONS – 1. Class X and above 2. Theological Cert. B.Th + above

One Day Sunday School Teacher’s Training conducted

Lamka, Feb. 10: Lutheran Youth Fellowship, Lamka Division successfully conducted One Day Sunday School Teachers’ Training at MELC Hq.Church, Zomi-Colony, Churachandpur on 10th February, 2018 from 10:30AM till late afternoon. The following Resource Persons trained the participants from its local units. 1.Beginner : Nh.Nuamboi (Women Promotor) 2.Primary : Pastor M.Thangboi

Bishop lui-le-thate mawpuona kipekhia uh

Lamka, Jan 15: Tuni’n Kum 2018-2020 sung MELC Vaipaw ding a teltha a um teng leh a lui teng (a um thei teng) in Bishop Chamber ah Incharge kipiehna nei uhi. Bishop outgoing Rev. Dr. V. Hangminthang in incoming Rev. Dr. Hausuankap @ SK Manlun kungah mawpuohna piakhietna nei a, tualeh Director of Ministries, Director […]

Bishop Consecration Service

Zomi Colony, Jan 14: Manipur Evangelical Lutheran Church vaihawmna lubawh Bishop dingin Rev. Dr. Hausuankap Manlun @ Sk Manlun in tuni’n out-going Bishop Rt. Rev. Dr. Hangminthang apat namdetna lata. Jing chiah in-charge kipiahna nei ding uh. Rt. Rev. Dr. Hangminthang, Bishop MELC leh President ELCITHS in lawching tah a a term hun sung vai apuozaw […]

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