MANIPUR  EVANGELICAL  LUTHERAN  CHURCH Sepguol Vaiguon -2018 SEPGUOL THUPI : “ … Lungkelou in Mangpa nna sem vai … ” (Jer. 12:5)  Ahun sung : 1st – 27th September, 2018

MELC in Laimanai, Imphal a Muslim Christiante vena nei

Apeisa Dt. 5/8/2018 (Pasianni) in MELC Missions Department te’n Upa P. Chinzahau, Mission Chairman lamkai in Imphal, Laimanai a um Muslim Christian Fellowshipte vena vanei ua, tuanah MELC Pawlpi min in panpina Rs. 10, 000/- (Ten thousand) apieh ban uah Pasian gam kelet sem ahina ding tupna toh thu-le-la kikupna zong nei uhi. Tuanah amauh fellowship […]

Concordia College ah laisim in kuon ding

July 30, 2018: Pastor Kamsuanlal & Nu Lunsuanchiin te tanu Nh. Bliss Chinghatnieng Zou in Graduate sim dingin Aug 2, 2018 chiengin Concordia College, USA juonta ding hi. Ama ahileh MELC leh ELCA in MoU i kai jou uapat opportunity mu masapen a chiemte ahita hi. July 30, 2018 ni’n Rt. Rev. Dr. S.K. Manlun, Bishop […]

MELC signed MoU with ELCA

The Rt. Rev. Dr. Hausuankap Manlun, Bishop MELC and his team arrived home safe and sound after signing a Memorandum of Understanding with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America on the 15th July, 2018 at New Bongaigoan, Assam. It’s a milestone for the MELC who had dreamed of it since the time of its conversion […]

Bishop Tour report – 2

Apeisa Dt. 29/07/2018 (Pasianni) in Bishop, Moderator, Dy. Moderator leh Director tegel lamkai in Behiang Division ah BISHOP/OFFICE Tour Vaiguon kinei a, tuanah Suun in Bishop in Pasian thugenna, Lungkelou a Mangpa nna sep ding dan leh, I Pasian khu akengiam hilou in a khangtou Pasian ahia, eite zong Mangpa panpina zal a khangtou ding […]

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