Day: February 15, 2015

Shillong Lutheran Church Ka mu dan

Shillong Lutheran Church misiengthoute kunga laithot A misiengthoute ladinga hing peikia ding Hundampa Jesu Christ ginna toh lungkelou a ngah zing Shillong Lutheran Church misiengthoute na unpi un chibai hingbu ing. Pa Pasien guolzawlna na unpi vua tungah tungta hen, Amen. Aki thutuo hattuom: Shillong hattuom, I hattuom pumpi a theipha leh hattuom khangtou chie […]

Martin Luther’s 95 Theses

Martin Luther 95 theses Disputation of Doctor Martin Luther on the Power and Efficacy of Indulgences by Dr. Martin Luther (1517) Published in: Works of Martin Luther: Adolph Spaeth, L.D. Reed, Henry Eyster Jacobs, et Al., Trans. & Eds. (Philadelphia: A. J. Holman Company, 1915), Vol.1, pp. 29-38 Out of love for the truth and […]

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