Month: May 2016

Theizingna leh Suunna

The first to sacrifice his life for the extension of God’s kingdom at the Mission Field of our Church Sye (L) JACOB KHAMLIANTHANG B.A. 03/02/1958 – 20/05/2007 (Mission Field a dinga ahinna pe masapen) Sye Jacob Khamlianthang ahileh nidang a Gelngai khuo, Chandel District aum Pu (L) Jangkhopau leh Pi (L) Chingkhoman te tapa neisun […]

Written the books of the Bible with his hand

Zomi Colony, May 15, 2016: Mr. T. Ginzahau, an active member of our church has written the entire Holy Bible with his own hand. He is the son of Late Upa Ngulzakhup from ZOmi Colony, Churachandpur, Manipur. According to his briefing, he had started writing the words of the Holy Bible with his hand from […]

LYF Ghq DJCEC 3rd Meeting

LYF GHQ DIAMOND JUBILEE CENTRAL EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE The 3rd MEETING Date 01-04-2016 kiginni in LYF GHQ CEC DJ committe a thum veina aki nei a, Pa Hauthang Chairman CEC DJ in chair seat la in Pa Suanlian Secretary in hun peisa a apan la dan uhleh tam CEC DJ in atup leh a ngim (Aim […]

LYF Diamond Jubilee Executive Committee 2nd Meeting

Lutheran Youth Fellowship (LYF) General Headquarter’s DJCEC Meeting a 2veina March 26, 2016 ni’n Pu Kapsuanlian @ Suanlyan Tungnung Inn, Zomi Colony ah kinei a, DJCEC Chairman Pu Hauthang, DJCEC Gen. Secretary Pu Suanlyan Tungnung, LYF Gen. Secy. Ghqtr Upa Zamkhanpau, DJCEC member Pu T. Zamlunmang leh Pu Sanglian te peikhawm ua, akithukimna bangun tam […]

Pastoral Tour Lawchingtah a zaw in umta

Zani Dt.13 May 2016 nin HQ. Church Zomi Colony ah Pastoral Tour kisuohtuona nei in um a, Report bawlna leh houlimna anei jou un Office staff tetoh ann nehkhomna nei uhi. Group chinin report apiena ua pat chiemte tham Tour Gasuo themkhat tahlang vai *** T. Vajang Hattuomten som-a-khat tamsem pie dingin hanchiam uhi. *** […]

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