Date 01-04-2016 kiginni in LYF GHQ CEC DJ committe a thum veina aki nei a, Pa Hauthang Chairman CEC DJ in chair seat la in Pa Suanlian Secretary in hun peisa a apan la dan uhleh tam CEC DJ in atup leh a ngim (Aim and Objective ) tualeh theme “Re-Emaging the future with christ” chi hil chetna hun saupi/ahing tung jel ding a man thei dan ding laibu bawl ding gen na nei in Upa John in thumna nei in committee pat ahi.

Resolution No 1 – Central Committee thupuasah (Diamond Jubilee) No 2 na in alemsah bang in Sub Committe member expansion a bawl teng uh pawm n a leh lemsahpi na in khut ziat lam chiat dopna ki nei hi.Tu apat in a ma uh ten amo pua na bang uah Pasian min a ang sep suah ding uah theisah leh nget ahi ngal uhi.

Resolution No 2 – Sub Committee ten a nasep ding uh ki kum khawmna leh maban akal suan ding dan uh gen khawm na April 2016 hasung ang nei ding uah lemsah ahi. Tualeh Every 2nd Saturday a EC Committee ang bawl chieng uah Progress report abawl zel ding uah lemsah ahi.

Resolution No 3 – Fund drive ding dan gen khawmna aki nei a, tam anuai a teng phasah ahi.

(a) Target VIPs, Local Overseas LYF Govt Employees te bawl ding a lemsah ahia,Chairman leh Secretary in a list ang bawl ding ua lemsah ahi.
(b) Next meeting chieng a budget break up leh propose et khawm ding a lemsah ahi.Tualeh Chairman leh Secretary ten committee member te kung a a et ding uag ang ma hom ding uah jong lemsah ahi.
(c) Diamond Jubilee Theme “Re-Imaging The Future with Christ” chi pen Division ten ama uh Golden Jubilee chieng in Theme a ang zat ding uah nget ding ahi.
(d) Division ten Golden Jubilee a bawl chieng uah CEC DJ in fund drive bawl ding aphasah ahia, Division lamkai te toh ki hou mat or kijat a abawl ding dan gen khawm ding a lemsah ahi.

Resolution No 4 – Golden Voice, Diamond Voice pulahna kidemna ding dan genkhawm ahia, tam a nuai a bang criteria bawl ahi.

1. Numei Pasal chi khen tuam um lou.
2. Age 10-35 as on 1st April 2016
3. Audio Cassstte bawl kha lou
4. Consent letter (Parent)
5. Date of Birth as Proof document.

Level 1 – Golden Voice (Division wise)
1. Winner Rs 3000+Certificate
2. Top 3 position Rs 1000 each + Certificate etc

Level 2 – Diamond Voice
1. Winner Rs 10,000+Certificate etc
2. Top 3 position Rs 3000 + Certificate etc

Tam a tung a teng kabawl chiat ahina chi pawm ahia,Pastor Kapsuankhup Shillong in thumna nei in committe zo ahita.

Sd/- Sd/-
Secretary Chairman

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