T_GinzahauZomi Colony, May 15, 2016: Mr. T. Ginzahau, an active member of our church has written the entire Holy Bible with his own hand. He is the son of Late Upa Ngulzakhup from ZOmi Colony, Churachandpur, Manipur.

According to his briefing, he had started writing the words of the Holy Bible with his hand from June 2011 and completed on May 11, 2016. He stated that, during this five long years, he gave a good amount of time in writing these 66 Holy Books and sometime really find it difficult to continue.

He divided the manuscripts into four books with manual binding.

Rt. Rev. V. Hangminthang Bishop of Manipur Evangelical Lutheran Church dedicated this hard work to the Lord on May 15, 2016 at MELC Hq Church, Zomi Colony.

He breaks a record of being the first person the have written the entire Holy Bible in Zou language with his own hand.


Holy Bible pumpi khut in giel suo

Pa T. Ginzahau s/o Late Upa Ngulzakhup, Zomi Colony a um in Holy Bible pumpi a khut in giel suo a, Zou Holy Bible khut a giel suo masa pen a chiemte ahita hi.

Kum 2011 June ha in khut a gel kipan a, May 11, 2016 ni’n Laisiengthou pumpi akhut ngelngel in ana giel suo jouta hi. Laisiengthou pumpi agelsuote bu 4 in khen a, maban a kephoi ding in tuni May 15, 2016 – Penticost Day ni’n Manipur Evangelical Lutheran Church Bishop Rt. Rev. V. Hangminthang in MELC Hq Church, Zomi Colony ah Pasian kungah latna nei hi.

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