Manipur Evangelical Lutheran Church in Thoubal District a Mission field ana kineina kum 25 – Silver Jubilee tukum in ana kilawmta hi. Pasian in Thoubal District Mission field ding a ahingpieh dungjui in Chairel khuo pen Headquarter in ana kinei hi. 1st July, 1991 ni’n Chairel ah nasep ana kipanta hi,

Manipur Evangelical Lutheran Church in Mission Field (Meitei gam) a Missionary sem ding mi sui. Lunglutna neite’n kingetna lai Director of Mission, MELC kunga pie thei ahi. Kingetna lai January 1, 2017 tan in piehthei zing ding.

Post awngja ; 6 (guh)
Laisiemna: Cl-X jou, Hindi leh English ham leh giel.

Lai poimawte –
1. Kingetna lai (Application)
2. Xerox copy of Certificate & Mark sheet
3. Brief Testimony

# Last Dt. of submission : 10-01-2017
# Place & Dt. of interview : MELC Office / 13-01-2017 (10:30 AM apat)

Director of Mission, MELC

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