Month: February 2017

LCF Subject leh Workbook leitheita

NAUPANG SUNDAY SCHOOL BOOK THATE MUTHEI HITA DING: Dam leh Kalkia sung (Dt. 7th Feb. 2017 apat) in MELC OFFICE Naupang Sunday School Laibu tha muthei diingte ahileh (1) Primary-1 BIBLE A MITHUPIT a) Student Workbook Rs 25/- b) Teacher Handbook Rs 25/- (2) Primary-2 BIBLE A MITHUPITE Rs 25/- (3). Junior-3 HINKHUO THUSIM Rs […]

LYF Diamond Jubilee Sports Theisahna

Lutheran Youth Fellowship General Headquarters DIAMOND JUBILEE SPORTS COMMITTEE THEISAHNA LYF Gen.Hqtr.1st Standing Meeting na a dated 31st Jan.2017(Tuesday) na in Games & Sports bawl ding a lemsah ahitoh kiton in,Diamond Jubilee Sports Committee(DJSC) in tam theisahna hing kibawl ahi. M.E.L.C huangsung a Division chin in nouma Div.sung chiat a Qualifying Round tam anuai […]

Religion of the Zo Ancestors

By Dr. Philip Thanglienmang GOD: In order to understand the background of conversions among the Zous we have to understand the old religious faith of the Zous prior to 1950s.Many anthropologists and monographers have been classifying the religious beliefs of the Zo as Animism or at the most to Ancestor Worship. But I would prefer […]

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