Lutheran Youth Fellowship
General Headquarters



LYF Gen.Hqtr.1st Standing Meeting na a dated 31st Jan.2017(Tuesday) na in Games & Sports bawl ding a lemsah ahitoh kiton in,Diamond Jubilee Sports Committee(DJSC) in tam theisahna hing kibawl ahi.

M.E.L.C huangsung a Division chin in nouma Div.sung chiat a Qualifying Round tam anuai a category dung jui a Feb.2017 hasung a hing bawl jou chiat ding in iki theisah uhi.Tualeh Qualifying na bawl na ua teldoh a um khote min leh player list kimtah ahing tung ding 1st Week of March tan a LYF Gen.Hqtr. DJSC kung a hing pechiat ding in iki ngen un iki theisah sawn2 uhi.

1. FOOTBALL(Pasalte)
2. VOLLEYBALL(Numeite)

Thei ding a poimawh leh Rules & Regulations a nuai abang ahi.

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