Pasian hoina jal kijou tou jel in gammial a sem ding mi hing pia belap jel hi. NMSI-te tungtawn in MELC Mission Field a sem ding Missionary mi 5te 2/04/2017 ni’n Chairel MELC Biahinn ah Induction nei in um uhi. Tammi hun ah Rt. Rev. Dr. Hangminthang, Bishop MELC in Induction bawl in, Upa Chinzahau, Chairman, Mission Board MELC in hanthawn thugenna nei a, Rev. Thangliankham, Director of Mission in Appointment Order piehna nei hi. Singpi dawnkhamwna toh Vaiguon lawchingtah in kizou hi.

Missionary te nasepna ding tam aney a munte ahi –

1. Mr. L. Raju Sing S/o L. Papu Meitei of Chairel Khunou
: A biel ding – Chingmakha area

2. Mr. Ibothem S/o Kh. Bimu Singh of Chairel Khongnang Leika
: A biel ding -Sugnu area

3. Mr. Nengzachinkhup S/o Upa Hangkap of Manniangkhuo
: A biel ding – Khujumantabi area

4. Mr. Lamjoseph S/o (L) Pastor Kamzathang of Chingmang village
: A biel ding Pangantabi Area

5. Ms. Nuamboi D/o (L) Soizathang of Zomi Colony
: Abiel ding MELC huangsung.

Amaute’n tu April 2017 apat in sem pan ta ding ua, tualeh ahing tung ding Nov. 2017 chiengin NMSI te sponsor na in Chennai ah Training nei ding uhi.


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