Bishop Tour report – 2

Apeisa Dt. 29/07/2018 (Pasianni) in Bishop, Moderator, Dy. Moderator leh Director tegel lamkai in Behiang Division ah BISHOP/OFFICE Tour Vaiguon kinei a, tuanah Suun in Bishop in Pasian thugenna, Lungkelou a Mangpa nna sep ding dan leh, I Pasian khu akengiam hilou in a khangtou Pasian ahia, eite zong Mangpa panpina zal a khangtou ding ihi dan gen leh Jawlnei Jeremiah pansan in Pasian thugenna nei hi.
Tualeh kikhop tawp in Rev. Dr. Hangminthang, Director of Ministries in Khotang/hattuom a kiman dan ding tangpi pansan in houlimna nei a, Nitah kikhop in Rev. Thangliankham, Director of Missions in Sip dide leh phun noi lou a Mangpa nna lungkelou a sep ding ahidan leh, tuabang a isep chiengin nikhat nichiang a adihtatna Suun nisang hing bang sah ding ahidan pansan in Pasian thugenna anei hi.

Updated: August 1, 2018 — 11:22 pm

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