Evangelical Lutheran Women Association (ELWA)

Prior to 1982, MELC did not have a separate mission board for carrying out mission works / activities. As already noted, activities related to mission was carried through its women department – ELWA, for formally known as Zomi Women Christian Association – ZWCA till 2002. Few of the mission activities carried out which the researcher could identify and pointed out may be briefly lay down as follow.

a) For instance the women department commissioned by name UPA (Elder) Khaamthang to be an Evangelist amongst the women between 1976-1982. What is notable here is that the person concerned was provided financial support by the them.

b) In the year 1988, they brought a printing press for printing Evangelical Literatures which would enhance the spreading of the gospel amongst the un-reached.

c) A quarter for housing the mission staff was constructed at the cost of Rs. 30736 in church head quarters compound.

d) In 1992, a family quarter for the local pastor was constructed at a village called tuining.

e) A Type writer which cost by Rs. 10492 was also bought in 1992.

f) A sum of Rs. 6000 was contributed towards the construction of a church at Suongphu village under Behiang sub-district.

g) It provided scholarship of Rs.300/- each to three theological students (2 males and one female)

h) It also sponsored the publication a book entitled “Gospel Galhang 20 te’ (Twenty Gospel Warriors) in 1992.

i) It donated Rs. 30,000 for the construction of Head Quarter church in 1996.

j) In 2003, it bought a computer set for church Head Quarter.

k) The most notable contribution by the concern fore mission is that it (ELWA) provided Rs. 1000 and Rs.500 monthly from 2003 to chairel mission field and the youth (LYF).

l) It (ELWA organized fasting prayer every 2nd Saturday since 2000 for the mission workers.