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The First Missionary Commissioning Service beyond Manipur State.

Manipur Evangelical Lutheran Church commissioned Mr. Manglianlam S/o Late Kapkhanhau and Mrs. Chiinniang of P. Kamdou Veng, Churachandpur to be the first Missionary supported by MLEC beyond Manipue state on 27th May, 2018 for Kanchandpur, Tripura state. With the recommendation of MELC Mission Department, Mr. Manglianlam was sent off with a blessing from the Rt. […]

MELC in Tripura a Missionary nasem ding mi sui

Manipur Evangelical Lutheran Church a Mission Department in Kanchandpur, Tripura state ah Mission Field tha etkhietna kinei a, Pa Pasian mapuina toh nasep pat dinga lemguot ahita hi. Tuamun a sem ding Missionary khat tam nei banga chietna nei kisui hi. CHITNA/QUALIFICATIONS – 1. Class X and above 2. Theological Cert. B.Th + above

Missionary Induction vaiguon report

Pasian hoina jal kijou tou jel in gammial a sem ding mi hing pia belap jel hi. NMSI-te tungtawn in MELC Mission Field a sem ding Missionary mi 5te 2/04/2017 ni’n Chairel MELC Biahinn ah Induction nei in um uhi. Tammi hun ah Rt. Rev. Dr. Hangminthang, Bishop MELC in Induction bawl in, Upa Chinzahau, […]

MELC in Missionary ding mi sui

Manipur Evangelical Lutheran Church in Thoubal District a Mission field ana kineina kum 25 – Silver Jubilee tukum in ana kilawmta hi. Pasian in Thoubal District Mission field ding a ahingpieh dungjui in Chairel khuo pen Headquarter in ana kinei hi. 1st July, 1991 ni’n Chairel ah nasep ana kipanta hi, Manipur Evangelical Lutheran Church […]

Theizingna leh Suunna

The first to sacrifice his life for the extension of God’s kingdom at the Mission Field of our Church Sye (L) JACOB KHAMLIANTHANG B.A. 03/02/1958 – 20/05/2007 (Mission Field a dinga ahinna pe masapen) Sye Jacob Khamlianthang ahileh nidang a Gelngai khuo, Chandel District aum Pu (L) Jangkhopau leh Pi (L) Chingkhoman te tapa neisun […]

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