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MELC in Tripura a Missionary nasem ding mi sui

Manipur Evangelical Lutheran Church a Mission Department in Kanchandpur, Tripura state ah Mission Field tha etkhietna kinei a, Pa Pasian mapuina toh nasep pat dinga lemguot ahita hi. Tuamun a sem ding Missionary khat tam nei banga chietna nei kisui hi. CHITNA/QUALIFICATIONS – 1. Class X and above 2. Theological Cert. B.Th + above

Missionary Induction vaiguon report

Pasian hoina jal kijou tou jel in gammial a sem ding mi hing pia belap jel hi. NMSI-te tungtawn in MELC Mission Field a sem ding Missionary mi 5te 2/04/2017 ni’n Chairel MELC Biahinn ah Induction nei in um uhi. Tammi hun ah Rt. Rev. Dr. Hangminthang, Bishop MELC in Induction bawl in, Upa Chinzahau, […]

MELC in Missionary ding mi sui

Manipur Evangelical Lutheran Church in Thoubal District a Mission field ana kineina kum 25 – Silver Jubilee tukum in ana kilawmta hi. Pasian in Thoubal District Mission field ding a ahingpieh dungjui in Chairel khuo pen Headquarter in ana kinei hi. 1st July, 1991 ni’n Chairel ah nasep ana kipanta hi, Manipur Evangelical Lutheran Church […]

Theizingna leh Suunna

The first to sacrifice his life for the extension of God’s kingdom at the Mission Field of our Church Sye (L) JACOB KHAMLIANTHANG B.A. 03/02/1958 – 20/05/2007 (Mission Field a dinga ahinna pe masapen) Sye Jacob Khamlianthang ahileh nidang a Gelngai khuo, Chandel District aum Pu (L) Jangkhopau leh Pi (L) Chingkhoman te tapa neisun […]

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